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Curate from boredom.


     I did it when I was in  a sophomore year. At that time, me and my friends were gloomy. We were disappointed with the politics and the education system and started to complain about them. Then, I realized that if we could not be ourselves even in the university’s campus and doing extra curriculum activities would not help as our ideas had been blocked by the seniority system, why don’t we create our own exhibition ourselves? Then, we organized an exhibition under the theme ‘Criticism of Thai Education’.

     There were 16 people who worked on this project. They were around 18-24 years old. We used Santi Pracha Dhamma Library on Charoen Krung Road as the exhibition space. The exhibitors were composed of an artist, a social activist, an owner of overseas study agency, a teacher and those who did not identify themselves with any professions. Their backgrounds were diverse. We recreated the space and turned the library into a school, where there were various classes, a class timetable and works of arts were shown along the way.

     When walking in the exhibition, the attendees stands in the line and listen to a speech by the principal. The attendee will be divided into small groups and join the classes, which are a role-play activities from the artists such as an interactive class of how to destroy creativity, listen to a lecture about how to fail in life, take part in a group activity about exchanging social classes and privileges, play a political chess game, take an art class to question on having dreams. The attendee can take an exam and vote for a prefect. (Sorry for having only one choice though) You can learn more about it from here

The Artists

  • ‍กิตติคุณ ศิริสังข์สุชล
  • ณัฐภัทร เหลืองรุ่งทิพย์
  • อัญชิสา ประวัติโยธิน
  • รพีรุจ เที่ยงธรรม
  • ภูมิ หนูทอง
  • พัชชา ชัยมงคลทรัพย์ , พณิดา รัตรสาร
  • ศุภณัฐ สุริย์ฉาย
  • ฉัตรชัย พุ่มพวง , กัญญ์วรา ธาราวดี
  • ณัฐนรี โกสุม
  • ‍กันต์พงศ์ ทวีสุข
  • วิศัลย์ศยา ลอยไสว
  • ชวิชญ์ มายอด
  • เปรมปพัทธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์
  • อนุราด ซิงห์ ดินซา
  • ภัทรเศก จิรบวรวิสุทธิ์, พีรวัฒน์ นาวีเจริญ, ธนวิชญ์ ประสงค์พงษ์ชัย, ภาคิน รัตนแสงหิรัญ
  • สุธาวี โชติรัตนศักดิ์

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