Hello. My name is Nana Wipaphan Wongsawang. I came from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am the founder of thaiconsent.org. I also work as a social activist and a game designer. 

You can contact me at w.nanaaa @ gmail.com /  nanaaa.net



I was a stay-at-home girl. I did not going out much. I knew about the outside world from books and the internet. I only had few challenges; having a good grade and a boyfriend. Out of boredom, I started drawing, graphic designing, making short films and a website by myself. I learned from tutorials on the internet and from the people in the forum of f0nt.com



While I was choosing a path to further my study in a university; from linguistic or computer or filmmaking, I found out from the forum of  f0nt.com that there was an institution that offered a course on Visual Communication Design. I learned that graphic designing and drawing could be a career. So, I did my bachelor degree at SILPAKORN UNIVERSITY (Bangkok,Thailand) in Visual Communication Design, where I got a second honor degree. While studying, I did many extra curriculum activities such as competing in a contest. I won some awards. Plus, I almost quit my study, which I am going to elaborate it in the next  paragraph.



When I was a sophomore, I entered the world of social development. I started from drawing an illustration from Idea Grow, a media production company that works on social issues. I met tons of enthusiastic people who were eager to make the society better there. I learned that design could do more than I had thought.   



I worked in Human Resource. It began with producing training media for the staff at Betagro Thailand Co.Ltd. (I got the job from Young Filmmakers of Thailand Partnership). Moreover, I did a field research with Young Film to many provinces. I talked to people who were in need of help and those who wanted to help. It was an eye-opening experience. I almost quit my study to pursue a career path as a social activist but my family asked me to finish the degree. After my graduation, I have been a social activist since then.



I am working as a communication strategist and media producer at Young Filmmakers of Thailand Partnership. I focus on youth development, civic education, tolerance of diversity and gender. During 2015-2017, I have been working on a board game project called ‘ Coconut Empire’ as a game designer.


If you want to know more about me, you can read about my works as follows 😊