Wipaphan Nana Wongsawang (CV)


2005-2011 Chiang Mai University Demonstration School, Thailand
High School, French Language

2010-2011 Lycée Europe, Cholet, France
Exchange student in Language and Literature

2012-2016 Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Thailand
B.F.A. Visual Communication Design, 2nd Honored Degree.

2019-2021 L'École de Design Nantes, France
M.A. in Social Design.


Born in 1992 at Chiang Mai, Thailand. I dunno what I am but I know what I’ve done. Contact : w.nanaaa@gmail.com / nanaaa.net


Game Making

Things I did for fun and people paid me for doing that.

Creator of Coconut Empire Board Game
After a long journey in media making, I felt that raising awareness should be a fundamental ground of media, not the goal. I wanted to create a medium that gives experience to the audience not only attention. The eureka moment came from my urge to make a board game that truly reflects a third world country. The logic of this Thai game is to “manage relationship and trust”. It is a core of the social and the political structure. When I played it with artists and activists from Southeast Asia (They were composed of Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian plus one Japanese person), everybody enjoyed it and naturally knew how to play, while the Japanese only gave me a blank stare as they did not know how to play the political game like the Southeast Asian. It is sold for more than 700 copies in 2019

Creator of Rest In Peace: A Video Game
Wipaphan takes action as a game designer and production director. The game is now on pre-production stage. Illustrated by JUNG Supitcha Senarak, Animated by Kumpol Saeow and Music scored by Phil_wc

Gender Equality

Things I did for my dignity.


Founder of thaiconsent.org
In 2015 I opened up thaiconsent.org to promote sexual consent, the concept that never exist in my native language. I put them on Facebook, with some few changes in 2017, the page was widely shared. It has 40,000+ Followers, 450+ stories from the anonymous, 60+ artist who volunteer to help, and lots of people who want to support the project with their own skills.

Portfolio site in English is at consentconnection.org



  • Speaker at the seminar “Sex is Fair because We Care”: It’s time for the Thai society to understand Sexual Consent. The event was organized by Women’s Wellbeing and Gender Justice Program, Thai Health Promotion Foundation at Thammasat University. The topic was “Solutions, Strategies and Social Engagement”.
  • Thaiconsent and Activista make ‘Till it happens to you’ exhibition to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Nov. 21-26 Bangkok Art & Culture Center
  • Judge Committee at the SUSO Film Contest
  • Join the FES Thailand young feminist project.


  • Curator at the 2CentsForConsent Art Exhibition, San Francisco
    My friends in the United States would like to spread the awareness of sexual justice toward their community using the model of Thaiconsent as an international version. The exhibition will be held on 9-11 February 2018. It featured with 30+ artwork and 12 professional artists from around the world. Featured on: SFstation
  • Solo artist and speaker at the E.Quality talks, organized by UN Women Regional Office in Asia and the Pacific, as part of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.
  • Curator at the Thaiconsent sExhibition Art Show in cooperation with FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund. Featured on: The Guardian, Khaosod English, A Day Magazine


  • Co-exhibitor & Guest Speaker at BKSR Feminist Film Festival
  • Co-exhibitor & Guest Speakers at Wolfpack Donttellmehowtodress art exhibition
  • Co-exhibitor at CU See Your Rights by the council of students Chulalongkorn University
  • Guest Speaker at ‘Post Rape : The power of the muted voice’ Art Exhibition by Demi Jarapon Moore
  • Guest speaker at Vagina Monologue event at the UN office
  • Resources person of TIJ-UNODC Borderless Youth Forum in the topic of "gender-based violence"

Art Community

Art for art's sake!

2008 – Guest artist in Twin mix Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2009 – Guest artist in JELLY Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2012 – Guest artist in A4 Artshow, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2015 – Curator of Allthai School Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand.
There were 16 people who worked on this project. They were around 18-24 years old. We used Santi Pracha Dhamma Library on Charoen Krung Road as the exhibition space. The exhibitors were composed of an artist, a social activist, an owner of overseas study agency, a teacher and those who did not identify themselves with any professions. Their backgrounds were diverse. We recreated the space and turned the library into a school. We got funded by 60 guests. We organized an exhibition under the theme ‘Criticism of Thai Education’.


Things I did for ideology.


  • Been an individual candidate to attend the ‘Action for Gender Equality Conference’ at Jakarta, Indonesia. I write an article in Thai here.
  • Write an article “Hongkong guide to travel with Joshua Wong” for GM Live magazine


  • Been an individual candidate to attend the SocDem Asia’s Political Management Training
  • Been an individual delegation of APHR parliamentarians traveled to Belgium for a series of meetings in Brussels, and to attend the Asia-Europe People’s Forum in Ghent.
  • Founding member of the Future Forward Party. In the very beginning of the party, I was responsible for online office setup and general organization during the startup step. After the party’s first meeting at Thammasat University, I got the position of executive board committee as the representative of the youth-lead network and to raising awareness of the party towards young people. Then I resigned from the position in December 2018 due to its change of direction.

Professional Work

2010: Cartoonist at HaJaGreng magazine
I began my first career as a comic writer.

Student Award Hunter
I team up with my friends to hunt the prize from student awards in various fields of arts. Mostly, I took the role of the project director and creative.

  • 2013 – Final Round Selection of Happy 8th Advertising Award
  • 2013 – 2nd Prize Award winning from Siam Center Imagination – Life Is your Creation Award
  • 2013 – SOTUS Ranger: 2nd prize award-winning in SOTUS Film Festival by New Culture

2013-2014: Illustrator at Idea Grow
When I was a sophomore, I entered the world of social development. I started from drawing an illustration from Idea Grow, a media production company that works on social issues. I met tons of enthusiastic people who were eager to make the society better there. I learned that design could do more than I had thought.

2014-Now: Production Director at Young Filmmakers of Thailand (Baan Young Film Limited Partnership)
My job here is to transfer information or data to a narrative presentation. My responsibility is to rearrange, write, plan the production process then I send the prepared materials to the production team. Once the production is done, I develop the piece with clients and find the nicest way to make a final version. Here I did dozens of a subproject of clients. Most of the clients are either in social development or in human development. The following positions are spin-off projects created by YFoT and its granters.


  • 2017-2018: Project Director at Newground
    This organization aims to provide useful data to empower the capacity of youth in Thailand. We do research about youth and design the policy that worth for youth in the future. I’m proud of building the “Youth Development Timeline” that cover 100 years of youth empowerment in Thailand: where we come from and where to go

    • Speaker at 2nd Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Forum on Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – “SDGs Start-Up: Youth Development”
  • 2018-now: Content Supervisor at Rethink Thailand
    Rethink Thailand seeks to gather new innovations and knowledge that lead to the solutions of Thailand and present them as infographic animations to wider audiences – easy-to-understand, thought-provoking, and practical solutions. Rethink Thailand works as a new platform that bring three main forces together to achieve this goal.
  • 2018-now : Content Supervisor and Production Manager at FREE FROM FEAR
    The fan page was funded by Women’s Wellbeing and Gender Justice Program, Thai Health Promotion Foundation. It aims to explain the concept of gender justice. Each post got more than 35,000 Reach and 300+ Engagement.
  • 2018-now: Content Supervisor and Production Manager at FREE SPIRIT
    The fan page was funded by Thai Health Promotion Foundation. It aims to explain the concept of mental illness and self-care for teenagers. Aside of content directing, I also designed 2 card games for this project.


Art Studio

2015-now: Studio Fongmek

An indie studio that take care of my games and products. Visit us at :  fongmek.com