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Summer Secret

Short illustration book from my impression in France. School work. Silpakorn University (2015) Advised by prof. Kanitta Meechubot Ceci est un projet université sous le thème “saison”. J’ai…


  ทดลองทำแชทบอทจำลองความนก เงื่อนไขคือ ถ้าถามอะไรที่ไม่อยู่ในสารระบบ มันจะตอบว่าอือ วิธีเล่น : ไปที่ ล้อกอิน แล้วกดไปคุยกับ คนนั้น

Kapud Sticker

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Kapud’s Adventure of life and the universe and everything.

Player keep traveling for no reason and meet a lot of curious people.

Speed Zine : My Teenage Life.

That night, I can’t sleep. I ask 14 friends about their teenage life.

Hymn of the People

“I asked [the police] politely but they refused. Isn’t it too much? Where is the justice? You told me to bail my son but when I do it,…

  Too much of people I know, once have an unwanted experience. is a site to promote the concept of “consent sex” in Thailand. 

Crimson Heaven

Let’s smile and go to heaven! Concept art for Crimson Heaven, an original game by nanaaa.

Special Flight Music Video “Special Flight” : An inner journey of a child who suffers from family’s conflicts. Music by Thapanon Suwankanit