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Crimson Heaven

Let’s smile and go to heaven! Concept art for Crimson Heaven, an original game by nanaaa.

Special Flight

https://vimeo.com/168756711 Music Video “Special Flight” : An inner journey of a child who suffers from family’s conflicts. Music by Thapanon Suwankanit


People I met


A collection of mountains.

Hometown Glory

It’s hard to love Bangkok.


Video Art in Thai Art Project, school work.

random memories

A video collage, personal purpose.


A girl and her exploration in mystic territory. Music: Taishikichô Chôshi by Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai (arbiterrecords.com) School Project.

Coconut Empire Boardgame

Friendship destroyer 2015-now Download Site http://coconutempire.webflow.io/ Fanpage & News https://www.facebook.com/coconutempiregame/?fref=ts Developper Note https://medium.com/@w.nanaaa

AllThai School Exhibition

Curate from boredom.