Wipaphan Wongsawang (Nana)

Born in 1992, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Is an activist in gender equality & violence against women with a year of politician experience. Currently doing a Master in Design Studies focused in Social Design from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. Looking for more experience in Policy Design / To enhance civil engagement through design process.

Design for justice
Wipaphan is a founder of, and aims to end sexual harassment and violence against women in Thailand. Her project contains content creation, youth leadership development, networking, and design project related to the topic.

Toolkit for relationship experiment
Wipaphan is an author of the Coconut Empire Board Game, which portrays the power dynamics in third world politics. She also designs several card game and toolkit that spark deep conversation about life balance.

Policy explorer specific in developing the youth
Most of the youth in Thailand are facing abusive relationships in their life regardless of economic class. From family to teacher and from culture to the lack of participation in policymaking. Her work aims to bring safety and justice to youth who went through the abusive surroundings, develop the public services for quality leisure, and enhance youth citizenship accessibility.

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